Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Dresses

The 70 and 80 degree weather last week got me really excited for all things Spring, with this week being cold and rainy, I feel like I desperately need to cling to that Sping-y mentality.  To me nothing says Spring like bright colors and dresses.  This post is all about the dresses!! 

JCrew: Big Apple Tunic Dress $150

Piperlime: Pim + Larkin Colette Dress $79

Nordstrom:  Diane Von Furstenberg Leandra Dress $425

Nordstrom: Alex & Ava Colorblock Wrap Dress $158

Nordstrom: Presley Skye Sloane Dress $138

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kate Spade Accessories

I am going to throw it right out there, I am a HUGE fan of Kate Spade.  All things Kate Spade really, bags, shoes, and currently accessories.  I purchased a few bangle bracelets last week and I have to tell you, these are my first pieces of jewelry from Kate and I'm already in love! 

My much beloved bangle bracelets in white and hot pink with gold trim:

A very fabulous bib necklace that I think is perfect for spring (but it's definitely more perfect on sale!!)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

How I Wore It - Neutrals

Top - The Limited, Necklace - The Limited, Jeans - Banana Republic Straight, Shoes - Kate Spade

In the past few months I have really become a huge fan of neutrals.  They make accessorizing and wearing some of your bold pieces very easy to do!  I paired my neutral striped top with a gold and coral necklace and a pair of FABULOUS Kate Spade Charm sandals in multi sparkle (blogged here).  These shoes make me insanely happy, and inspired the this very blog.  Shoes are magical like that.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How I Wore It - Something Pink

Cardi - F21, Necklace - F21, Tank - Old Navy, Jeans - Banana Republic (straight)

Let's talk about Forever 21 for a minute.  When I was in college this was the place to get your weekend "going out outfits", but since I've been out of college for about 13 years and in any case have zero need for "going out outfits", I haven't been in this store in years.  I will occassionally peer through the windows wondering to myself how in the hell anyone shops inside of such a disorganized disaster. 

BUT, I have been seeing so many people blogging about the fabulously adorable things they have found at Forever 21, it inspired me to venture in and give it a try again.  I was given the advice to go into the store in the morning, on a weekday, with a clear mind and the mindset to dig throught the racks. 

Well dig I did my friends and here are the results....

For $57 I bought an open flyaway cardi with hot pink and orange stripes, a short sleeve pin tuck collar shell, a collar necklace of pearl and little pink fabric pieces woven in, a long layered bead necklace, a long turquoise bead necklace, and a cobalt blue belt.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sandals and Wedges and Dresses, oh my!

There is something about Spring weather that really makes me excited to start shopping for sandals and wedges.  And dresses. 

Maybe it's because I've been trapped inside of winter coats and bulky sweaters and furry uggs for months.  Maybe it's that first warm breeze that reminds me of tropical vacations.  Maybe I'm just like 99% of the rest of the population that lives in sub zero tundra's and dreams of moving to Florida. 

But no matter what it is, shopping for Spring always gets me happy!!!  Here is a little glimpse of Spring new on the market!

Jack Rogers $105

I've never owned a pair of these classic sandals (shocking I know) and I have decided that this is the year I'm getting myself some!  The Platnium seems to be the "it" color so that's what I'm going with unless someone has a better suggestion!

Jack Rogers Wedge $198

I'm in love with these!!! I was looking for exactly this last year, they were no where to be found and now, here they are!!! 

LK Bennett $298

Yes my friends these are the shoes that became obscenely popular after Princess Kate was seen in them, and know you can be like the Princess too!!

JCrew Elinor Dress $138

I have a very similar dress from last year that I love, so I will be looking to add this to my spring wardrobe because I know it's an amazing piece!!

Vince Camuto Dress $165

Ever since adding my Vince Sparkly shoes to my collection (blogged here) I have done nothing but crave more Vince in my life.  I'm thinking this dress is the PERFECT way to give him a better presence in my closet ! Plus I have a wedding to go to in May and this dress might just work!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Portland Maine

Portland Maine, or more specifically "Old Port" in Portland is one of my favorite New England towns.  There is just so much going on within these few blocks that it makes it fun to come back to again and again!! 

Whenever we visit we spend a ton of time walking around to visit the shops (most independently owned) and local cafes and restaurants.  The hotels in this area are generally very boutique-y and full of charm.  We also usually eat at the same places again and again (read: the hotels bar). 

Well my friends, this visit was completely new for us!  We stayed at a new hotel, ate at two new restaurants, and spent some much needed quality time with great friends!! 


We usually stay at the Portland Regency Hotel, a very nice property in a great location with an excellent bar downstairs (20 Milk Street). 

This time we switched it up and stayed at the Portland Harbor Hotel.  This place was also very nice, and in an excellent location, with the additional bonus of a turndown service complete with chocolate lobsters and bottles of water.  I am a sucker for a hotel room with complimentary water!!


Grace Restaurant

This place was awesome!!  As soon as you get past the fact that you are literally eating dinner inside of a church that was sold and converted into a restuarant complete with 2 bars.  The Pulpit has been repurposed into the hostess stand, and the pews are now seating along the outter edge of the main dining area.  

Dinner here was exceptional, the menu featured local produce, meats and fish, and all were very well prepared.  The wine list, while not extensive, was adequate and had very good wines at price points from $30 to over a hundred.

I would definitely come back here and encourage you to try it if your in Portland!!

Bar Lola:

Another truly amazing dining experience, and even better, the management/owner here is incredible.  First I'll tell you why the food was fantastic, then the management!!

This restuarant also uses fresh local ingredients where possible, and does an excellent job of combining some very interesting combinations.  The menu is also in four sections so you could share an appetizer with the table, then order a "first course" (my friends had mussels), then soup/salad, then entree, then dessert.  

Entrees around our table included the Chef's special (Cod Loin with potatoes and vegetable), Gumbo, and Roasted Cauliflower.  Every appetizer and entree were met with rave reviews.  The flavors and presentation were out of this world.  

Now for why the management impressed me (which is usually pretty difficult!)  We had reservations for 8:45, the owner came over at 8:42 to let us know it would be a few minutes because the table currently seated just got their check.  At 9:00 the owner came back over to apologize profusely, at 9:30 she was clearly mortified that we were still waiting for our table.  She immediately offered to buy us a round of drinks, and sent over a complimentary appetizer of breads and cheese (which was delicious). 

After another few minutes, she asked another table to relocate so we could have their table since it had become clear whoever had gotten their check and was supposed to make room for us wasn't leaving. 

After being seated and ordering a bottle of wine and all of our food, the owner came back to the table, apologized again said the wine was on her, and then sent over yet another complimentary appetizer for me because I didn't order a first course, so she sent over something for me and I shared with my table ;-)

We did tell her a few times that everything was ok, we didn't mind the wait and having the cheese/bread plate complimentary was plenty, but she wasn't having that.  

All in all her restaurant was well worth the wait, but she really went above and beyond to make us happy with the service and the restaurant.  This is another "must-visit" on my list of Portland haunts!!!! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Shoes!

There are so many things I love about this time of year, bright colors, no winter jackets, and most importantly, spring shoes.  Oh and there are some good ones this spring!

Let's start with Tory Burch, these just appeared in the Nordstrom Spring Catalog and are available on pre-order.  I tried to get my husband to buy them for me because I lovelovelove them.  Love. them.

Tory Burch "Florian" Sandal $295

Also noteworthy are some of JCrew's new spring line:

The Seville Wedge $128

Also in Stripes for $138

And finally, some JCrew flats that are just so so so cute!!  And I love JCrew flats, they may be the most comfortable and long lasting flat I have ever owned!!

Stripe Flat $138

Sunday, March 4, 2012

How I Wore It

How I Wore It - The Limited

Shell - The Limited; Jacket - H&M (old but they have similar ones at H&M and at J.Crew currently); Jeans - Paige Skyline flares; Booties - Cole Haan

I thew this picture in here to show you guys that I AM trying to accessorize better! Baby steps!!!

How I Wore It - Anthropologie/JCrew

Shell - Anthropologie; Jacket - JCrew; Scarf - Nordstrom (blogged here)

What I was trying to do with this outfit was bring out the colors in the shell with the scarf.  It's also a little pattern mixing which I LOVE!!!  As always, feel free to let me know what you think, or how you would style this outfits!!