Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm baaaaack

okokokokokok OK.  I get it, I've said this before, it's true.  This time though I mean it I really really really do.  I'm not going to neglect you anymore, I promise. 

Let me recap for you the last few weeks (months?) I started working again, yippie hurrah!!!  After yet another 4 years of school it's been a very long time coming.  However, it's been busy at work and extra super-duper crazy hours are required. 

Forgive me? 

Let's get this started out (again) on the right foot with a "How I wore it" post.  We love these don't we?

Today is a mix of Banana Republic and JCrew.  This wrap cardigan is OMG to die for.  I ordered it in Grey yesterday, because hey who can't use to wrap cardigans?  Trust me. 

I also want to tell you about how much I love this No.2 Pencil skirt from Jcrew, soft, lined, cute color.  Plus I'm a sucker for pink. 

And yes you have to fogive the fact that I took this in the bathroom at work.  I'm trying here!!!