Monday, June 6, 2016

Paisley & Stripes

Pattern mixing for the win!  I am such a sucker for paisley and this pretty little skirt is no exception! The key when it comes to pattern mixing is to keep the color families in your pieces the same - here I played up on the blue and white of the paisley pattern with a simple navy and white striped T.  This would also look amazing with a pink-ish and white stripe or polka dots in either color family.   If you aren't feeling so brave, or just want to jump into pattern mixing slowly, pair a solid in between your patterns to break them up visually.  You get the same effect, but it feels safer.  My add here was a solid navy blue cardigan - bonus - this look can head straight to the office!  Happy shopping!

                         Shirt (exact here, similar here)
                         Cardigan (exact here, similar here under $20!)


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